To catapult the robotic brand in the market, the display unit to be placed at Hamleys had a design strategy made relevant for the eyeballs— Kids and their parents and convert them into sales leads. The outcome came as an exciting vibe dispersed as a buzz about Miko.



Like its namesake, we placed the restaurant’s essence of ‘Master of tastes’ into the design philosophy. We defined the best form of the interior that would make the consumers reminisce about the authentic taste of India in a distant land.


We delivered a robust brand identity for the pet food brand and designed a communication that became a well-inhibited market penetration approach. Our design formulae enabled Farmina to reach the target consumer for improved cross-selling.


To bring the perfect Punjabi food into a room full of croissants, we created a design layout for the QSR restaurant brand to integrate the ‘Desi India’ into the foreign land and enable them to convert into a full-service restaurant.


To reach the US consumer base, we designed a perfect vibe matching the motorcycle brand and what it represents for brand lovers. We placed the motorbikes with all the best features into the store design and highlighted the USP well.


We created a new and improved identity for the fuel court, communicating better across the market about the brand and its resonance. The rebranded identity gave depth to its most accurate form.


Keeping the brand's heart contracting the perception about plus size women, we designed an interior resonating and fitting well to the store’s inside.


We designed an interior to solve for the brand’s B2B consumers who wanted to test the products physically before making the purchase. Technology was central to the design adding convenience to the in-store consumer experience.


To make the brand identity distinguishable in the Asian market, we designed a unified brand identity communicating the brand ethos more clearly. We made the design feel more flexible, uncompromised, and scalable.


The in-store design elements must have the ‘Celebrating the Colors of Life’ philosophy to create a renewed brand positioning around its product line. Our visual merchandising was aligned with this thought, giving the new product line more visibility, and excellent customer experience through POSM


Using the most significant element of the brand, the product packaging, we create a design fitting well into the aspect of creating a unified customer experience.


We designed a unique experience center for Hitachi moving ahead from the traditional demonstrations and using 3D visuals to truly justify their concept of “LIVE PRODUCT EXPERIENCE IN A LIVE ENVIRONMENT.”


Globally, Exxon Mobil is the market leader in lubricants. As part of this project, we designed a retail platform that positions this brand as a top choice among Indian consumers and retailers.


When WWE recently had a tour, it decided to rope us in to propose an idea of a WWE-theme-based cafe. The entire WWE turnkey format was rolled out in the design for their mad following in the country.


To bring the ‘Feel the boost’ campaign to life, we communicated the brand’s purpose by designing a sportswear brand display unit and moving things into position.


Our design helped the German eyewear brand introduce a more experiential VM by creating the ‘journey of an eye’ and enabling the brand to penetrate all the premium eyewear outlets.


Our design communicated the brand’s essence through the connection with the Indian heritage staging the ‘Made in India’ aspect into the product display design and assisting in filling the sales gaps.


Giving the perfect photography experience across all touchpoints, the design catered to bringing photography's professional and personal aspects into the brand and delivering engagement.