Chef Saab – The QSR chain decided to move to a full-service restaurant format. The approach of this chain was to integrate that “Desi Indian” into “Foreign Land”. And what’s better than authentic Punjabi food in a room full of croissants? The restaurant management said.

So, we kept the Indian roots at the core of the design. And the most valuable element of “The Food Truck” from where the brand started was to be included in the design. We kept it and kept it with pride for the client.

The walls of the restaurant featured the authentic Indian ‘Jharokha’s’ – meaning an Indian window pane; the Bar also got that authentic Indian vibe to it – just like you’re enjoying some drinks with your friends in your village.

It’s nostalgic and memorable; it’s soul-touching.

Other Details

Client : CHEF SAAB
Industry : Hospitality
Services : Creative Design, Technical Drawings, Restaurant Design, Design Strategy, VM Strategy,
Brand Origin : Australia

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