Post-pandemic, every country started promoting its home-grown brands. The same was the case with India, and Yamaha was facing communications and sales gaps despite producing its products in India. To induce the concept of make in India. Brand communication. To encourage the idea of Indian-ness hence, the make-in-India concept was incorporated.

We figured out the clutter in placing instruments inside a music store from the market research. Nothing was placed gracefully to embrace a brand’s own identity. 

Thus, the product design unit was inspired by Indian culture and heritage to give it the essence of the prime objective of “Made in India, Made for India.” In total, the make-in-India concept was incorporated to encourage the idea of Indianness.

Moreover, the brand colors were infused within the design to embrace patriotism. The unit was made of iron to provide a solid stature, durability, and ability to weight products.

Other Details

Industry : Music
Services : VM Strategy, Design Strategy, Technical Drawings,
Brand Origin : Japan

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