Brand Design Strategy

Retail Design Strategy

We induct design strategies per design science viable for communicating experiences, encompassing the consumer journey right from the ‘Thought of Purchase’. Our handpicked team of designers and strategists is redefining the path to transform the brief into world-class designs with their creative I.Q.s.

Our eventful E.U.T. (Enroll, Upgrade, Transform) model plays its bit part in every stage of experiential design strategy to build designs that are scalable, relevant, and future growth capable. Fundamentals, as per our design science, move mapping the customer journey from ‘Selection to Loyalty’. We have proven considerably that for every brand, every store – S2L (Selection to Loyalty) remains constant irrespective of purchase universe.

Various positioning points are covered to make the customer journey more impactful. The points we include are as follows –

● High-Point Positioning

● Eye-Point Positioning

● Buy-Point Positioning

All these points play their part in creating awareness, engagement, and experience for the customer to get the brand in full form.

Visibility in brand identity design is infused through enablers and converters, where our core team of behavior analysts, data analysts, and perception mappers formulate insights combined with thorough market research to develop spatial design strategy.

These visibility markers and positioning points are the roots of creating a strong consumer-brand bond; and both VM design strategy and window display design strategy embraces visibility and engagement to the highest levels. But what makes it more impactful is that it will eventually give the sale and loyalty to the brand. It can also go for planning and urban design too; as the perception matters in this type of design.

Integration of technology in an O2O (online to offline) intervention. Digitized interfaces, daily life brand amalgamation through various media platforms, virtual reality, augmented reality, metaverse, and many more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you suggest that I should prioritize when building a design strategy for my brand?

    Knowing your customer. Their needs and what makes them hesitate. Only Through thorough understanding would you be able to design your brand in function and perception for maximum gain.

  • I have a small business. Should I invest in design strategy?

    For a small brand, your focus is on generating a customer base and expansion. As you expand into unknown territory you will need to customize your approach to different environments and only then does design strategy come in. If you need guidance, DART can assist you in developing more effective strategies that are tailored to your business needs.

  • Can we improve our conversion rate through spatial design strategies?

    Yes. The more fluid and risk-free the experience from engagement to buying is for the customer. More likely they are to go through with the purchase and keep buying in the future depending upon the after-sale services that the brand has.

  • Can an experiential design strategy help evoke a sense of emotion in a user?

    Emotion is a consequence of positive experience. The focus should be on making a satisfying customer experience and the emotional connection will follow.

  • Can you strategize a design model that can show the uniqueness of my business?

    Yes. Design for a business is just the way in which the brand conducts itself. And depending upon the customer base. Unique ways of engaging the customer needs can be engineered through experimentation.