The brief was to design a display unit that can be placed at Hamleys across the country. Explore the various opportunities to seize the relevant TG and transform leads into actual sales. Ultimately creating an atmosphere of excitement about Miko that leads to buzz around Miko.

Miko has some smart tactics up its sleeves. Not only does it recognize you when you call, but it also responds to your mood. Want a joke to cheer you up? Are you bored? Do you want to dance? It’s not merely the sharpest tiny robot you’ve ever encountered, after all. It is also your buddy.

Miko is powered by AI, knows how to connect with kids, and encourages curiosity among kids. So, incorporating emotion and behavior to develop its adaptiveness further. We showed that besides making kids smart, it helps them participate in social activities, makes them more attentive to their surroundings, and accelerates their learning process.

Throughout the design, we incorporated everything that makes Miko unique. Hence putting it all together, we created a few designs to create a sense of friendship and trigger a memory of Miko.

As a fun way to make kids interact with Miko as their intelligent companion, we developed a Miko friendship bench so they can socialize with their peers and make new friends. And finally, as finishing touches, we placed Miko displays at prominent locations and installed screens to create ambiance and curiosity around the brand.

Other Details

Client : MIKO
Industry : Consumer Robotics
Services : Marketing Strategy, Retail Strategy, Design Strategy, Campaign and Event Design,
Brand Origin : USA

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