Campaign And Event Design

Exhibition Design

The story of one brand event unraveled through design

The world of retail is exhibited on a wall-to-wall display where the core is--- engagement decides the interest. And to make up for people living a volatile timeline, brands need to shine a light on their capability to entice through events that would matter.

For Dart, creating an affinity between people & brand comes with knowledge and eccentricity to fuse brand experience into the design and make it cosmic to the branding components. When we design for events, we make it an impulse to brand visibility, giving people the room to create perceptions and memories that relate to their image of a brand.

As a space designing agency that propels creative momentum, we position our design strategy around the ‘Science backs art’ approach. Following the design principle--- I.E.C (Invite, Engage & Connect), we put across a thought behind brand activation that aims to invite and engage consumers before connecting and finally deducing your brand.

Designs providing a blanket reach with access across all consumer touchpoints

With the recent transformation in the design industry, events and brand activation per se imbibe an unforgettable experience aimed at delivering an expression around the brand and its identity. Hence, we segregate the process into multiple levels of creativity and feature the campaign designs on:

Being selective about the brand's elemental objective

We ensure that each event or exhibition matches the brand and its objectives. We consider their vision, values, and essence when designing to build a cohesive experience. Whether the experience aims to have more user sign-ups, in-store customer conversion, or brand and product recognition, the design and integrated branding strategy would depend on the elemental objective.

Design as a solution to influence Sales

We aim to design kiosks or experiential Engagement centers, providing a visual solution for consumers to relate to, leading to a quicker sales process. We design each element of your event or exhibition and ensure it is expressive of your brand's solution-driven ability that mindfully taps into the consumer’s emotional response.

The human connection through a multi-sensory approach

A good event marketer would know the nuances of a successful event, especially when it is a massive part of experiential marketing. As designers, we build this with a spacial strategy that heightens the consumer’s senses and escalates the brand equity simultaneously. We know the derivatives of a design with sensorial versatility forming a human connection.

An event design that gives back to nature

Not just the products but the event designs too can synchronize with restoring nature. Regenerative designing is the essence of the new and emerging design industry, and we second it by creating an impact from the micro level to influence the macroeconomy. Even though the events are one-off, the fixtures, kiosks, or tech gadgets implemented inside are all reusable. Hence, dwindling manufacturing costs and resources.

Bringing the Wow factor, reflecting on tech immersiveness

If the exhibits are to be made interactive, they should have the implication and impression of technology at every consumer touchpoint. Whether it is planning a corporate event and product launch, including but not limited to stall designs, exhibition designs, soft launches, and campaign designs, immersiveness need technology, and we put it across based on the event theme and motif.

Every space is a sanctum for designers, but the physical size constraints do not limit our creativity


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it important to get a campaign and event design agency?

    Of course. A professional campaign and event design agency knows the nitty-gritties of the event industry, in-and-out. They have a proper network of arranging and designing events. Moreover, they develop an event design backed by a solid strategy to communicate brand in all means.

  • What factors should we keep in mind while designing our event?

    First and foremost is the purpose. Most events fail because brands try to do a little bit of everything. Thus make sure to pick an aim for your event and design accordingly.

  • How can you incorporate experience in my campaign?

    As it is real, everything is directly or indirectly connected digitally. So, we keep a nice balance of technology and human-ness while designing campaigns and events. We know the purpose of engagement and its road to conversion. Every campaign and the vent is a touchpoint with which the consumer interacts and engages. Thus, connecting with the brand - possessing and exhibiting loyalty and sales.

  • How important is it to have a location manager while designing campaigns and events?

    A location manager decides on the creative side while choosing the locations of an event/campaign. Plus, handling all the logistical work with paying the stake owners of the event to make it smooth and successful.

  • What are some red flags to look out for while designing our event?

    If the event designer is more focused on everything except the accommodation and or experience of the crowd then you need to get back to the planning face and redesign everything for max crowd engagement.