Building on the brand’s renowned positioning around this product line: Celebrating life around colors. With the addition of dual color to its product line, Samsonite hoped to improve customer experiences and communication, improve product visibility, and enhance customer satisfaction using point-of-sale marketing (POSM). The aim was to activate the sale through in-store touch points while capturing eye points, high points, and buy points.

The visual merchandising strategy we suggested to capture the conversion through POSM was to activate and increase the brand visibility of Samsonite through an eye-catchy window display. We began by narrowing down the important touchpoints. Specifically, eye-catching visual pressure points of the target audience. We made the display in two tones by bifurcating the display into retro and modern styles, the same as the clothing and styles of the brand ambassador.

And since the arrangement is deliberate, customers don’t have to make much effort in distinguishing the elements and understanding the overall meaning. Simultaneously making sure that it would aid the potential customer get a broader sense of the environment.

When we captured main touchpoints to influence the customer’s attention to important spaces, it increased brand visibility and triggered sales.

Later various VM elements were added inside the store in the form of backdrop, pop-up creatives, handle talker, podium base creative, and anime creatives.

Other Details

Industry : Luggage
Services : VM strategy,
Brand Origin : USA

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