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We treat merchandising planning like art and deliver artistry to the biggest brands worldwide. While consumer behavior and retail continue to change, one thing is constant: the desire for memorable, impactful visual experiences that leave a lasting impression. We are an experiential design agency that is rooted in visual merchandising strategy and planning. We provide solutions for brand visibility through visual strategy, development, planning, sourcing and implementation. It brings life to consumer experiences across all channels. Visual merchandising is key to a retail concept that succeeds. It keeps the store relevant and fresh.

It adds texture to the store's design and is visible to customers inside and out. Our work attracts shoppers, increases sales, and is used in window and in-store displays.

Although inspiration is often found in the world's most unlikely places, it's sometimes necessary to have a partner to help you awaken your creative genius.

Visual merchandising goes beyond making things look nice. It's about designing how customers interact with the space and the products. Our visual merchandising specialists create creative strategies to move merchandise from your store's exterior and sales floor.

The following steps are included in our process:

• Planning the navigational routes from the store entrance to the exit, creating a visual experience in the space.

• Look at product selections, and identify the categories of merchandise.

• Place products in the middle of the store and the perimeter.

• Create branding opportunities to reinforce your brand's mission and lifestyle.

Effective pullers in a window display strategy is designing eye-catchy and trendy window displays, often recognized as show windows.

They mark the relevance of the brand in terms with current trends. It always comes by thinking out of the box and being a problem solver. In the end, creativity keeps the heart beat in the up-down flow! Our hand-picked team of experts knows the exact solution to your chaotic addressing while merchandising and designing challenges. Are you ready to create an experience with us?


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you design a scalable model for window display?

    Yes, we have designed and will design a scalable window display. For example, we can provide a relevant case study about Samsonite, where we created their prime brief of introducing a dual color approach in the window display by bifurcating the display graphic into two halves. The first half represented the retro part of the brand (with their ambassador), and the second one repped the modern outlook.

  • How flexible is your visual merchandising planning, and how can it be replicated across different retail formats?

    We plan your visual merchandising by formulating the design as per deductions and additions of the elements. This Visual Merchandising strategy will help you to scale the design across all the different retail formats with cost-effective options.

  • What is the purpose of Visual merchandising in selling and showcasing the product?

    The prime purpose is to capture the customer's eyeballs and convert them into actual sales via experience. We will plan your SKUs per your brand's preferences to define the customer journey across the store. ROI from every inch of the store will be derived and calculated. If the store demands suitable design treatments, the needful will be done to entice sales and experience.

  • Do you want visual merchandising to be product-oriented or to develop a brand narrative?

    Both options can be implemented in a store. The visual merchandising planned according to product preferences will ensure a smooth and captured customer journey across the store. The visual merchandising planned according to the brand narrative will have the experience at the front, followed by product placement.

  • How would you plan visual merchandising to introduce your brand to the customer?

    We capture and plan visual merchandising for a brand introduction through three touchpoints – High Point, Eye Point, and Buy Point. Different retail Visual Merchandising elements encapsulate all these touchpoints. These points also trace and route the customer journey towards the brand.