Western Digital was flamboyant in its e-commerce segment, touching the consumers daily. But it had a pain point of not getting to its B2B consumers that demanded an offline purchase after testing their product capabilities. From the research, we acquired that these B2B consumers are – Large Film Agencies, Ad Agencies, Video Agencies, etc., that require hard disks with a large amount of space plus an integrated storage platform to back their data in various spaces.

We shouldered this task by getting into the skin, where we designed their First-ever Offline Experience Store, where the consumer can have the best WD taste. We made the design – Self Explanatory by integrating RFID under the product and a huge display screen in front of it.

Now, how will it cater to the EXPERIENCE? – As soon as the consumer picks the product, its details, specification, and working will be displayed on the screen in an AV format. Since the consumer is well-informed, all the intricacies will be catered to and solved through and for them.

The interesting part of the project is that – it is located adjacent to Bollywood’s Renowned Film Studio “Yash Raj Studios.” Thus, a Premium Location, a Premium Store, and a Premium Experience.

Other Details

Industry : Technology
Services : Space Design, Store Layout Design, Design Strategy, VM Strategy, Retail Design,
Brand Origin : USA

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