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We are the most coveted retail design award---A’ Design---winning craftsmen, who weave stories through design on the sweet spot between the brand’s objective, & consumer journey and present consumers with escapades while interacting with a brand.

We are a space design studio that benefits from a business model that determines a retail store's success index based on its robust spatial design, accentuating a brand's story. A brand's hallmark aspects are at the center of what we do since a brand goes beyond its products. We choose to create space designs that come with the specificity of adaptability.

We are the creators of landscape design which puts the limelight on the brand's expression and other singular elements. We create them at a level matching the consumer's frequency of comprehension, penetrating the consumer consciousness, and empowering a brand to stay sustainable (within the context of the planet's welfare).

Engineering user-centric designs that simplify & connect dots to consumer shopping behavior

As a space design firm, we keep a foot into the future to determine our design thinking in the present. We develop space models that justify different features of different retail concepts— from conventional brick & mortar stores to pop-up shops with limited space & white-headed project scope.

As we sift through collages of ideas, we envision space as a sanctuary of sublime and surreal experiences. We engineer our creativity to innovate pragmatically, influencing people’s shopping behavior and enlarging a brand’s montage.

Working with brands, our thought around commercial Space Design has established new benchmarks in the retail industry through our proprietary and disruptive approach. With the observation of the client brief, we deconstruct the challenge of transforming the space into a more experiential environment.

We choose to propose an embracive engagement strategy through design

We create a space design with and for you to assemble the power of emotions that form long-lasting engagement converting to a relationship with customers. That is our (not-so) secret model to attract customer loyalty.

We are a space design agency that believes in creating a moment of truth for people to acknowledge a brand’s corporeality. We attune it by assessing all our client’s demanded features under the broad classification of space design architecture—

● Space Planning
● Interior Design

Remarkable Retail Space Design

At Dart Design Inc., we're high-spirited about what we do because creating the initial impression of your brand on your customer is on us. We understand the importance of creating a remarkable retail space that greets your customers with a distinctive brand personality and engages them with a sensorial experience that will exceed their expectations.

Driving design’s direction through Innovation

With our constant monitoring of evolving technologies, we continue to create engaging spaces that keep your customers coming back for more. The breadth and depth of our design knowledge ensure well-executed and innovative projects.

Moving the design dimension from Brick & Mortar to Pop-ups & Kiosks

Our goal is to design a memorable version of your brand as we incessantly move our creative needle across diverse retail prospects—from brick & mortar stores to pop-up shops, to kiosks, to shop-in shops. Hence, we take up our E.U.T model (enrollment, upgrade, and transformation) to show the difference in the brand’s visibility in the market.

Building a sustainable foundation for a design environment

We base our design upon the foundation of sustainability for two reasons— taking people back to serenity and dwindling the use of materials that are perils to the environment. Built-environment accounts for the maximum amount of carbon emissions in the wake of giving a gentler and elite feeling to retail spaces. We are working with brands to bring nature back to its original state by keeping a constructive perspective of regeneration.

We create designs to the edge of self-exploring features, starting from the store’s threshold to every nook & cranny of the space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should space design be brand-centric or customer-centric?

    The short answer is customer-centric. The brand is not a physical entity. The brand is a perception and if the space design is customer centric it adds into the positive perception and brand identity.

  • Does the theme matter in my retail store?

    Yes. But the distinction is between artistic and functional themes. The aim should be a cohesive purposeful space design and the theme will emerge automatically.

  • Should the space design be invisible or intuitive?

    This widely depends upon the kind of industry and customer base in question. If the focus is on exploration then focus on invisible design. If the focus is on function then go for intuitive design.

  • For the floor design should I go for a flexible layout or a rigid layout?

    If your business deals with the Artistic industry then a flexible layout that can be changed according to seasons would serve you best while in other cases the more reliable the layout for the customers the better.

  • I want to introduce natural light into the store. How do you suggest we should do it? If it is not possible. What are the alternatives I should go for?

    In this case, the focus should be to create an open airy space. Then use diffused light to create a soft shadow and avoid single-directional Fluorescent lights. The light should be multiple directional and even. And all the sources should be overhead.