Yes, the brand name has that weight and a legacy of more than 100 years. This US bike brand was trying to capture its fanbase in markets across US boundaries. To recollect the experience, these Motorcycle Giants like Harley, Enfield, etc. We’re trying to cater by creating a café that incorporated the heritage and pride of the brand in its consumers cum fans. People are just crazy for their bikes. Moreover, for the gears they provide. It’s the passion they serve, and consumers collect that passion, whether it’s the bike itself or the gears.

So, when they approached us after collaboration with Polaris, we escalated the concept of designing just a café. We served them the authentic “Indian Motorcycle Experience.” We straightly worked on their USPs. Like the ‘Sound of the Engine’ from the Indian Motorcycle Bike was just a pleasure to have on earth. We placed the engine itself in the center of the store with a Bluetooth speaker to elevate pleasure via audio branding. It served as the attraction point to the consumers to get that pleasure.

Secondly, we designed a wall that gave the ‘feel & touch’ of sand that represented the unique gear system of the Indian Motorcycle. Yes, it’s the magic they create with their gear system: every time the consumer lifts that half-a-ton bike and starts the gear system, it automatically feels lighter to ride and experience.

The cafe was also integrated inside the store, where the legacy of Indian Motorcycle was united with aromatic branding through coffee beans. Plus, the experience wall was made full of accessories that generated passion and conversion simultaneously.

Last but not least, we gave the wayfinding design to the store with lollipop signage made out of waste tires from Indian Motorcycle. These tires are a part of passionate collectibles consumers love to have in their homes.

Other Details

Industry : Automobiles
Services : Design Strategy, Product Display Design, Retail Design, Experience Design,
Brand Origin : USA

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