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Experiential design is the one that integrates experience in the first place by amalgamating brand story across all human senses. It's no longer restricted to the retail experience. The purchase decisions have transformed in the wake of digitalization. That's where we come in.

We are a multi-disciplinary brand experience design firm of experts who excel at building awe-inspiring and immersive experiences across platforms. And yes, we know that experience is around the corner. It just needed to be explored. As a brand experience agency, we include authentic solutions by integrating empathy, collaboration, and design, and then execute smoothly planned strategies to ensure that ideas realized should come to life.

Our team of hand-picked professionals integrates customers' expectations, needs, and desires to develop otherworldly physical and digital experiences. The experience encompasses all interactions with your brand, no matter where they engage, whether it's in a store or online, or any other channel altogether. Every touchpoint depicts something. It is every interaction that triggers the next step. The story of success with your customer as a hero.

Integrating our market-proven IEC (Invite, Engage, Convert) model, we design retail customer experiences per the model. Though formats can vary, the solutions provided are fundamentally relevant. These all come together to create a human-centered approach, meaningful experiences that can be stretched across mediums while achieving greater customer engagement, advancement in approaches, and ROI.

Digital experience is the demand and makes the brand memorable to the consumer. So, at our experience design studios across the globe, we are committed to taking the challenge directly from concept to completion. And that's the reason to believe in us and make us your first choice.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much emotion contributes to retail experience design?

    Experience Design in general should focus on function and customer satisfaction. The emotion comes only after the customer is done with their task. Emotion is the result of positive interaction and it is not an ingredient. To build retail experience or any experience you need to start even building channels that lead the customer to your store.

  • Do olfactory triggers can help create a great retail experience?

    Yes. The smell is paramount when it comes to a positive customer experience. Numerous studies have shown that a sense of smell triggers memory. But remember, any imbalance in order and it can trigger the evolutionary response and leads to full avoidance.

  • How should I build a brand experience that targets multiple senses but also doesn't overwhelm the customer?

    You need to recognize the difference between active and passive engagement. When it comes to small and sound you can use it actively to influence multiple senses but subtly while in the case of touch and visual sense, give the customer the choice to engage.

  • How should I decide if the physical experiential design or digital experience would benefit my business the most?

    Experiential design is a school of thought. It means observing how the customer interacts with your brand and making that interaction seamless and memorable. Your focus should be on how rather than if. Conduct research and decide how you want your brand to be remembered and design the experience around it.

  • How can I make sure my store does well?

    Have a benchmark for success. If your checkpoints are vague then you will never do well enough despite how well you are actually doing. Say, Let's say you want to give your customers a digital experience in your store. How would you evaluate whether the elements you've added are having an impact? You would emphasize engagement statistics. This would indicate whether or not your customers are engaging enough.