In the newest acquisition, Essar Oil was to be rebranded in the truest forms of Nayara. The brand required us to create a new revamped identity for it that would communicate, connect and resonate with the change and the transition and be more visible across media and markets.

The identity, communication, and all 3D applications across fuel stations was conceptualized by DART to break the monotonous bridge and develop a new one between the conventional and the contemporary. 

With this changed identity, the brand had a complete transformation, hence the fuel stations across color were changed new brand ethos. The transformation happed and converted into a launch that was in line with the style of the new revamped identity.

With the due course the metamorphosis took place and changed into that reflected the new identity.

DART capitalized on the opportunities encompassing different retail practices like branding, visibility, and future aspect of like co-working space, and pickup orders.

We stayed true to our nature and approached the design by providing answers to the what, where, and how. The establishment was built on these fundamentals with consideration for the environment, a human-centric approach, engaging emotional and intellectual capacity in proportion, and creating a resilient perception that is simple to access and easy to maintain so that the brand can gain more recognition over time. To help them achieve their objective, we changed phylon into the fascia and offered comprehensive solutions. We transformed phylon into fascia, and provide end-to-end solutions so that they can reach their goal. We examine what curbside retail entails in a direct manner to anticipate designs within broad (boundaries) ones. We use the gas station logo for the highlighted to celebrate our bold and forecourt layouts.

Other Details

Client : NAYARA
Industry : Energy
Services : Fuel Court Design, Technical Design, Creative Design,
Brand Origin : Russia

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