When we think of Adidas, we think of performance and power. And this was the mentality behind the ‘feel the boost’ campaign entrusted to bring into fruition. Thus, establishing the mantra ‘feel the boost’ as our guiding principle, we moved things into gear.

From the start, it was clear that the conventional mode of display won’t suffice and needed to deliver the essence of the product like a punch.

Therefore, we designed a product display that tells about the brand and allows the customer to experience the essence of what the product represents. The display incorporates a BOOST midsole of tiny clouds that showcase the comfort and responsiveness of the product itself. And the design at the top with light incorporated is the synonym for the boost and the core idea of the campaign and the product.

The box has its placement right in the middle of the retail footwear shop of Adidas. Categorized in its unique way. This unique, radiant design is the primary draw for activation as well.

It is hard to imagine Adidas without the boost––the revolutionary performance shoe technology that first hit the pavement in 2013.

Boost was unlike anything that came before, and its energy return technology would change the course of running forever.

Creators around the world celebrate the performance and cultural impact of BOOST technology. Consumers are invited to feel the boost their feet can give them. Optimized midsole with 20% more boost to inject more energy into each step.

High tech configuration is a shoe that blasts back more energy and moves with you, providing enhanced support and stability for a more confident run. It is only fair that such singular technology has the display that screams –– here lies the singular perfection.

Other Details

Client : ADIDAS
Industry : Sports
Services : Technical Drawings, Product Display Design, Creative Design,
Brand Origin : Germany

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