Store Heatmap Analysis

In-Store Retail Analytics

Eye tracking heatmaps help retailers keep an eye on customer behavior. These heatmaps are essential for B2B. Graphing sales is the ultimate goal. DART is the agency that realizes what deals are important to its clients. We do all the work, from camera surveillance to providing real-time analytics to the conversion funnel.

We design the best flagships, but we also assist our clients in getting a predictive analysis of their consumers by using the gold standard in-store heat mapping. Motion sensors can be integrated into the CCTV surveillance that maps out the usability tests - UIUX testing.

DART deploys its research services before the digital layout This results in greater user engagement at every corner. Our digital eye Solutions help our clients to increase the purchasing behavior of their customers.

Heat map analysis provides a visual representation of the location where customers shop. The brighter the area, the more people are there. These zones are called hotspots. DART analyzes these hotspots and provides detailed overlay reports for its clients to map the customer behavior within their store. These reports serve as heat map statistical analysis help us to suggest what to fix or restructure to get the customers 'into' that section.

Researching a product online and purchasing it offline is rising in popularity. Retailers rely on us to track their customers' shopping habits. They are also interested in what their customers buy.

Reason to believe and hire us –

We are a perfect mix of both B2B and B2C perspectives, which we understand and differ like a maestro' and our quirk to be prime make us an ideal choice to hire. DART guarantees its clients 100 percent satisfaction every time it provides its services. We also adhere to these five rules that will help you understand us.

 Quality Service:

DART has delivered to over 30+ outstanding clients, as we have discussed.


DART’s approach is result-oriented, which allows our clients to trust us.

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We stand out among our competitors because of the quality we provide and our result-oriented perspective paired with our disciplined delivery of on-time deliveries.


It all comes down to trust. We know that trust is built from time and deliverance behavior. Our clients trust us because we are professional while performing the latter.


We are not the industry's scapegoats because we work with transparency.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do we need to know when generating heat maps?

    You need to understand that heat maps are used to measure crowd density. The final analysis needs to be done by the professionals to make sure that the crowd is stopping where it needs to be.

  • Are heatmaps enough to understand your customer behavior?

    Heatmaps are better at determining the obstruct points and the focus points in the store. To determine customer behavior, you have to do more than just crowd traffic analysis.

  • What do you think about real-time tracking of the consumer by brands?

    It is only effective if the brand understands the why factor behind its customer’s actions. Otherwise, it is nothing more than junk data.

  • How important and useful in-store Analytics are?

    They are extremely important because you need to stay up to date with any shift in the market which may require a change in store operations, store layout, or maybe whole store planning.

  • What value can you add by inducing heat maps in our brand’s system?

    By including heat maps in your system, we can help you with calculating and analyzing your store’s demographics, engagement touchpoints, their cool levels at POS counters, their preferences, etc. With us you can map out your audience in terms of everything. Plus, data is going to be the most powerful weapon one can have. With that data, we can analyze and forecast your brand’s future, in-and-out.