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“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”—Yoko Ono

There is a more fundamental thought to a startup than just a dream. There is an intangible essence about it that evokes a visionary's gaze. A visionary who wants someone to believe in their idea. Who wants to define the realms of their reach to gain success. That's why Dart’s holistic startup mentoring approach transcends the standard business requirements.  We see it as a blossoming venture that will mutate into the unicorn of the future.

Formally we call ourselves the offeror of Startup consulting service to emerging businesses, but in essence, we are stewards of a company with a macro-level value proposition. We believe a dream is just a dream until you become a realist. So, we consult with startups with more than just the intent of cultivating a connection with a common purpose. We enable them to stand out amongst Dart's giant clientele.

We are strategic partners in your business model to build and innovate a disruptive ecosystem that propels your thought leadership. With time, we will get back to the imperative priority of defining the brand's value in the market. And as we move forward, the rules of engagement with you begin with the following:

Curating Packages that fit the Precise Need & Value

Every business debuting on the market has the prerequisites of expanding its reach. Hence, the 4 Ps of Marketing Mix (Product, Place, Price & Promotion) defines the core of a thoughtful business plan. So as startup marketing consultants, strategizing the way for your growth hacking journey, we meticulously research the market’s price positioning and the buyer’s persona before competently designing your final product and putting it on the market.

Therefore, our economical packages are meant to design a plan for your business that delivers breakthrough results. Before we take our next step, we want to understand your business objectives and help you choose the package that fulfills our collaboration's goals.

Optimizing your Cost-Structure

Being cash-strapped during the early stages of operation is a recurring issue for a business. That’s why keeping your head above the water when the emphasis is on funds shouldn’t be the goal. With proficiency in cost-optimization, while running a business, we offer startup business consulting that steers your resources in the direction, of yielding growth-accelerating results. To help you cross the backwaters of any future pandemics, we channel the counter-strategy toward maintaining enough funds to float.

A startup development partner

We do not outrightly play the role of consultants. Instead, we nurture mentors to a prospective brand walking down the path of reinvention to a revised financial & operational model with experienced mentors. From designing all the brand recognition assets and devising the road map for brand growth (phygitally) to melding the accessible resources into developing something large, we come alongside your blooming child to co-create its success in the marketplace with every step of its journey.

And that’s how we enabled the unicorn trucking platform startup, Blackbuck, to create a market presence through our elaborated strategic branding measures, facilitating the B2B industry to think of their brand when they think about logistics.

We function on the thought that even though the wheel of effort, & time spin to add a startup into a billion-dollar club, joining forces with the right minds, even at a later stage, to nurture your growth never goes in vain.

Keeping your growth within the realms of economic sustainability

We second your enthusiasm for growth & visibility. But as these new-age ventures germinate their growth seeds in a bleeding environment, being mindful of operational impact isn't an option. Businesses are viewed in the larger context of the community as having a responsibility to show an accountable outlook on the economy.

As a result, the actions taken should make the world safer without compromising the future prosperity of the next generation. We are a startup consulting firm that is confidants in your business, we know the What, How & Why of sustainable business practices.

Giving blooming businesses the wholesome shape to stay in the race for long


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does your consulting service involve?

    Our consultation service involves comprehensively mentoring and nurturing a startup to grow. So, we work with you in:

    • Competitor Research Analysis

    • Marketing Strategy Consultation

    • Business Mentoring

    • Market Research & Analysis

    • Pitch Deck Consulting & Preparation for Investors

    • Finance Consulting & Analysis

    • Sales & Activation

    • Startup Annual Calendar

    • Minimum Investment & Maximum Output Consultation

    • Cost-effective package designing

    And more…

  • Why do I need a Startup consulting agency?

    A startup consulting firm has the expertise to lead a new business in the right direction. Moreover, it has the resources and manpower to assist a business in strategizing better, achieving several milestones, and managing its finances. A consulting firm will act as a mentor to nurture and shape today’s startups into the unicorns of tomorrow.

  • Which industries do you specialize in for startup consulting?

    We are a multi-industry consulting firm creating better plans and structures for new leaders in the market. We analyze the business objective and niche to begin working for our clients and map out the most effective course of action and utilization of resources.

  • Does your consultancy help in raising funds?

    Yes, we help brands connect and present their business objectives strategically to potential investors. Our economic consulting & mentoring are meant to derive value from accessible resources.

  • Do you help in finding vendors and manpower?

    As part of our comprehensive consulting services, we help businesses find the optimum vendor and manpower support that leaves them satisfied and within budget. Working with a business consultant, you get the benefit of knowing the network of vendors and other experts who offer quality with cost-efficiency.