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DART has partnerships to optimize strategic sourcing to achieve greater savings, better vendor relationships, and competitive advantages.

Strategic sourcing is not a one-man show. Our consulting services partner with brands (clients) from small and mid to some listed-on Fortune 500. And that drives value creation by capitalizing on mutual time, knowledge, experience, and resources.

If you need experts, resources, subject matter knowledge, technology solutions, and access to vital market information, DART can assist you with any aspect of your procurement plan. DART's Strategic Sourcing support consulting services include comparisons against the marketplace to identify and rationalize suppliers, contracting, and negotiations, as well as improving the procurement process, which includes Procure-to-Contract and Source-to-Contract solutions.

DART Strategic Sourcing harnesses the capabilities of the supply industry to provide competitive and sustainable advantages for our clients.

● Supply Base Development

The DART process creates a secure and flexible supply base capable of providing high-quality cost, delivery, technologies, and flexibility to fulfill your future and present requirements for your business, regardless of business or industry size.

● Cost Reduction Initiatives

Strategic Sourcing begins by benchmarking your current expenditure against the market and then analyzing your spending as well as supplier selection and qualification. Strategic sourcing event management, including supplier negotiations and improvements to your process/compliance, such as Procure-to-Pay and e-Sourcing solutions when suitable.

● Category Management

We've created an inventory of price points spanning thousands of categories. Our goal is to assist you in saving money quickly and enhance the quality of your supplier relationship.

● Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Alongside the reduction in costs and strategic sourcing, DART is a recognized top Procurement Service provider delivering custom project-based solutions for clients of any size. DART offers on-demand resources (people, subject matter expertise, and the latest technologies) to help clients make savings quicker while enhancing the quality of services.

● Procurement Industry Thought Leadership

DART Strategic Sourcing is specifically tailored to supply chain and sourcing initiatives and includes an experienced team of experts in the fields of procurement and sourcing. We are frequently featured in major media, news, and trade publications.

● Broad Strategic Sourcing Spend Categories

We can assist you with our strategies for managing your sourcing services, cost-cutting or benchmarking needs in spending categories that span between raw materials, the production of circuit board equipment, professional service contracts, and many others. We've sourced everything.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How would you keep uniformity across different rollouts?

    We understand the prime challenge that most of the brands face when it comes to rollouts. And that’s the uniform brand identity across them. We choose materials and manage fabrications to ensure brand identity to be consistent across all the formats. Every stage goes through a proper QC and specs match.

  • What type of sourcing do you provide?

    We do all types of sourcing. But in a crux, the prime two are - sourcing products and sourcing services. Then comes the methodologies and ways to source. From online to offline, hard to soft, we do every type of sourcing.

  • What are the different parameters of quality check you follow while sourcing?

    While sourcing, every stage goes through some Quality Check parameters - • Specs Match • Standard of Materials as per Brand Ethos • Certifications • Warranties • Material Partners

  • Are materials sourced differentiated according to the marketing tools as per budgets?

    Yes, of course. We understand the usage of materials and services as per client. So, we source them according to “Invite”, “Utility”, and “Experience”. Both services and materials are sourced as per budgets and choices.

  • What are the considerations that you analyze while sourcing materials & fabricators?

    While sourcing materials and fabricators, we analyze the authenticity by proper certifications, warranties, HSSE compliances, and a workforce that is skilled enough to be aligned on highly scalable projects.