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DART connects ideas with new-edge technology, and the human element promises new elevating growth (x-times) with an experience responsible for shaping a better future.

The retail industry is more about treating customers as humans nowadays. We integrate relevant solutions for their real-life needs and wants. We are among the ones who have changed the perception of bringing the experience to the forefront than billing dollars in the first place.

Every brand needs to sail through tough times. Our proficiencies as a retail consulting firm in retail planning strategy, design, innovation, technology, data insights, and operations. We help in transforming challenges into new purpose-driven growth.

Engaging from Leads to Loyalty

Starting from the lead developed. We conduct relevant market research to know the leaky buckets from which the challenge aroused. It can be anything from communicating the brand in an effective way to its audience to faded visibility over time or the fierce competition.

Our retail consulting services cover the full circle of the brand's chase for its customer to a real-time sale. Building the brand marketing strategy as per its story in the present for tomorrow, we envision the future integration of offline to online prospects to meet evolving consumers' needs. And that's the opportunity to inculcate experience.

In the time of artificial intelligence, sustainability integrating environmental and social governance (ESG) in every retail department has become the need of the hour. It's like a mandate to connect your profitability with sustainability. AI Retail is the talk of today that will eventually build up the future by transforming marketing, supply chain, and merchandising for retailers.

Challenge-dependent solutions –

1. Growth Opportunities:

Identification of pockets for future growth requires adapting business models, value propositions, and formatting strategies in emerging markets. Customer shift influenced by the emergence of immersive technologies, pandemic-induced challenges create room (as an opportunity) to target new market audiences.

How we format – by keeping a retail library of more than 30,000 strategic photographs across Europe, North America, and Asia. They serve as an integral while creating a strategic approach for brands.

2. Store Management:

Trade-off decisions are needed to be made for active store management. How to get the best from your store? Should new stores be opened? Which stores are performing and giving the best returns? By identifying the right format, layout, and positioning. We help brands budget investments accordingly. We scan new opportunities globally through data science to offer the best retail strategic support.  

3. Retail Scalability:

If the brand is not scalable, the probability of getting into crisis is more than low. To avoid this, we remain on the key – more growth, more profits, structured automation. With our eastern and western partners, we aim to provide growth through immersive experiences. And yes, it is only possible to keep adopting the newest technologies. Additionally, monitoring growth through frequent audits and heat mapping helps identify leakages that need to be fulfilled.

The Key RTB (Reason to Believe) Us – as a brand consulting agency we graph the visibility and time impact as we move as per the structural shifts to the short/long-term impacts the brand will witness in its growth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a retail consultant, what does DART do?

    For our clients who wish to promote their services in big-box retailers, we develop strategies to cut through the competition, we train and develop elite sales teams, we help in creating brand advocacy, and we jot the consumer journey and place viable tactics to embrace it.

  • Do you want to increase your sales and customers?

    A short term boost in sales and marketing may put the brand on the radar. However the best changes are incremental through research and changes in brand operations.

  • What are the top three things you do to ensure the retail planning strategy that is in place is successful?

    In the new age retail is more about brand experience rather than fulfillment of a necessity. So we make sure that floor planning and design, visual merchandising and navigation design work in conjunction to give the best customer experience.

  • How do you help clients who are having trouble with their campaigns? What do you think often gets missed by brands?

    Any campaign's success rests on three factors. The target audience. Reaching the target audience. To make any campaign success we make sure that all three factors are in order for the brand. Often brands want to capture every one so they can sell their products and services to them but if everyone is your audience none is. Hence, it is important to understand who your target audience is and then sell to them.

  • How do you make sure that the retail strategy you put in place works?

    We accomplish this through feedback loops and in-store analysis. The only way to make sure that something works is to observe and course correct. There are fundamentals that would always work. Certain tweaks and changes can be done by understanding the existing data and making strategic assumptions but there are things that are going to come into effect when the absence of it is observed.