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Retail Maintenance Company

When spending their money, shoppers have more options than ever. Higher expectations are a result of more choices. Retail customers today expect radiant floors, clean bathrooms, comfortable temperatures, and safe parking. DART offers reliable retail audit and maintenance services that will keep your business running smoothly so you can get more stock off the shelves and provide the best experience possible for all. Our team works efficiently behind the scenes to improve your brand image, maintain your brand, increase employee productivity, and attract customers. 

Benefits that a retail maintenance company can offer – 

 Budget Management – 

Maximize your facility maintenance budget. DART provides an efficient workforce, innovative processes, and a skilled workforce. To keep your facility running at its best, take a proactive approach toward maintenance.

 Customized Programs – 

We have served many square feet of retail space daily for over 200 brands. We have the expertise and dedication to provide services that meet your business and facility needs.

 Staffing – 

We promise exceptional, consistent service. Whether you want to add a store or meet seasonal demand, all our employees have been thoroughly screened and trained to meet your requirements. This will ensure that your merchandise is safe and that your retail establishment runs smoothly. Our team is your team.

 Streamlined Operations – 

You can streamline vendor relationships and gain freedom when outsourcing facility services to DART. We have the technology and expertise to manage all aspects of retail facility maintenance.

In our retail audits & maintenance services, after tracking different retail measurement tools, we can identify potential branding opportunities. These include store demographics, in-store hot spots, and average purchase value.

A retail maintenance management agency with experience in developing maintenance management reports should be hired to map out any leakages in either store design or retail store layout.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can we benefit from retail maintenance?

    Your business can be benefited with an efficient workforce that is both skillful and innovative. We help you with budget management, customized programs of staffing and streamlined operations.

  • What things do you evaluate as a retail maintenance company?

    As a maintenance company we have certain parameters on which we evaluate - Sales per sq. Ft, Gross Margins (GM) ROI, Average transaction value, Retail conversion rate, Customer analysis, Foot traffic and digital traffic, and Inventory turnover.

  • Where can we utilize your expertise in our retail business?

    After tracking different retail measurement tools, we help you with potential opportunities including store demographics, in-store hot spots, and average purchase value.

  • Why do we need a maintenance management report?

    You need a maintenance management report to check your business health. That is how it is performing, is there enough footfall. Did your business meet set targets? Are your overheads crossing a set limit?

  • When do we require a maintenance report?

    The frequency of getting a maintenance report can vary business per business. Certain businesses require quarterly reports and some require half-yearly. Your profit margins can be a big determining factor.