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Since the beginning of dawn, the need of humans for places to live led to the creation of spaces and surfaces. From caves during the dark ages and doom-style structures during roman civilization to concrete structures in the contemporary ages, there has been a persistent change in how the structures and their interiors are perceived and designed. Today, it is the new era of interiors where they have transitioned into a complete living statement for people in society.

Interiors have been through a cycle of change where people’s evolving lifestyle is highly reflective of the taste in making of their living spaces, ranging from Necessity Interiors, Mid-Ranged Interiors & Luxury Interiors. As an interior design firm, Dart Design Inc is responsible for being thoughtful about designing spaces that embody people’s visions and personalities.

A person’s essence defines the world around them, and that’s why our designing approach has the fundamental of identifying who you are and placing it right at the center of our conceptualization process. The years of observing and comprehending the relationship between design and human behavior have brought us today to a level where we attempt to understand your behavior, expectation, and vision successfully.

Designing people’s expressions stored as personalities in Spaces

As a space interior design firm existing in the age of the ‘Ownership Economy,’ where people are slowly reassessing and rethinking how they could transform their living environment into multifunctional and flexible spaces, it has eventually brought a tectonic shift in their preference for spaces where they want to shop. People are reevaluating their association with brands that do not resonate well with their personalities.

Within the broad spectrum of neuroscience, Maslow’s theory of Self Actualization fits well with the modern consumer’s sentiment. The expectation and purpose of this new consumer cohort are driving not just the home interiors but the retail interior designs too.

We are an interior design company fighting and winning the battle to understand our clients and speak with them. People’s selective mindset to be owners rather than users is what we keep in focus. In this quest to achieve the excellence of capturing people’s expression in our design, our last unturned stone is making the user a true owner of the space.

Co-Creation: The user is the Creator

The complete gist of formulating a commercial interior design or crafting living spaces under Co-creation is borrowing the user in the entire design process. We make sure to turn a user into a creator when they become a participatory character walking us through their interior design vision.

We are allowing our clients to guide us through their expectations while we comprehend them. We aim to let you be the expert while we consult you with the right tones and hues of color, materials, and finishes. With an expert team of observers assessing your choice of colors and putting your character into the design, we are choosing to decentralize the design process and make it more collaborative.

Beyond just delivering shop interior designs, we have established our proficiency in crafting expressive designs in the hospitality domain across international borders, where restaurants were transformed into an experience that serves more than dainty delicacies but a design that actively reflects upon the brand’s vision through every nook & cranny of the space.

The future of design for us is enabling passive consumers to turn into active owners where they see their personality's spark, sophistication, or simplicity highlighted over an interior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the design prototype in line with the executed design/physical design/finished product?

    Yes, in 99.9% of cases, the design prototype is the exact match. This is because we work in direct synchronization with the operations team and keep our CMF standards high. Per the client’s budget, we orchestrate and formulate the outcome (proto and finished design) so that it doesn’t pinch any of us at later stages.

  • How many mood boards can you work with/ or design for a commercial design?

    We mostly go with the brand ethos and create mood boards accordingly. However, if the client gives us the freedom to choose to resonate with its thought and idea, we can go further for as many mood boards to choose the best one.

  • How can you increase our brand value through space effectively?

    Spaces contribute immensely. We capture various touchpoints from the customer journey to keep it in sync with the brand’s growth. Our prime goal is to cater to experience with an approach of gaining ROI from every inch of the space we design.

  • Do you have any sentimental artwork to keep, such as artwork, furniture, decor, or collections?

    We give our clients the freedom/choice to include their sentimental pieces. This helps to create experiential spaces around that piece. In the end, these pieces become centrical in building the expectations.

  • How can you influence the movement of your customer?

    We can make, influence, and navigate the customer movement through design. For example, we are planning the store/interior according to the brand assets, like – placing the brand elements needed to create forefront impact at the center or the last. Plus, the human behavior of turning left while entering a store is kept in mind to develop movement.