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We know that even with everything in place you still need a bombastic head start to compete in the market. That’s what we excel at. And yes, brand activation is an art, not a science. It is purely an experience that builds a strong connection between the brand and its customers. We build on these experiences and then expand and amplify them while making sure your activation is big, bold, and powerful.

We design, develop and deploy everything in-house. Our multidisciplinary team of designers, strategists, and engineers specialized in creating personalized user experiences. As event activation experts, we create experiential activations that form a brand space in consumers’ minds through product/services experience in the first place.

We come up with creative and interactive brand activations through our proven methods that include – event marketing, experiential marketing, product launch activities, aero marketing, O2O immersive experiences integrating metaverseand various AR/VR spaces. Hence, curating seamless business strategy through deliberate planning, ideation, and execution.

We are an event activation agency with a team of the finest buzz ambassadors, we ensure your brand reaches and engages your customer base bringing the best results in terms of heavy return on investments and loyalty.

Whether you are a new brand or an established one anywhere in the world, we have the expertise to execute customized activation strategies tailored to your needs. Having years of experience to our credit. We know what works and how to get anything done with available resources. With our laser-focused strategies, we successfully launched great brands on-ground generating substantial sales across the board.

How do we cultivate Experiential Activation?

“A creative thought in real(time) space”

Customer participation is a must for the best engagement to happen. We make the consumer feel the brand in the first place.

We mobilize and activate your brand with creative solutions that drive customer engagement. We help you gain traction with your customers and dominate the competition. Because it’s the game of perception and the clearer the initial launch of the brand would be, the smoother would be the engagement. Everything was done to give you a head start on your road to success. Leading with you to build a world-class marketing activation campaign that maximizes results and creates meaningful connections between your business and the people you want to reach, ultimately setting the audience on the path to becoming loyal customers. So, whenever you need to scale your business. No need to look beyond us. When launching your brand, come to the experts to excel.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do you use a soft launch when you are doing your event or a campaign?

    Every company has a hero product and to market that brands run exclusive campaigns and events. The soft launch revolves on that idea that you want to have a sense of exclusivity towards the product and the brand. Soft launches generate interest in the brand. Therefore, whether a soft launch or a hard launch would be effective for you would depend on the goal of your campaign or event.

  • Do you think virtual experiences become so realistic that most people would prefer spending their time in VR over their real life?

    The answer is both yes and no. It depends upon the person. As both VR and the real world have advantages over one another. Thus we have to change our perception that VR and the real world are not opposites and must be used in conjunction rather than competition.

  • Does my brand even need to have an event activation?

    The purpose of brand activation is to create buzz around your brand. Therefore, if you want people to talk about your brand, you should consider event activation. Additionally, event activation can have a significant impact on your brand if you are wanting to move into the D2C segment. Also, if you are looking for a way to test new products or seeking feedback, event activation can be extremely helpful.

  • What should be the scope of my launch event?

    The scope of your event depends on the size of the event, in terms of audience catered, and budgeting. The setup will include the locational demand and other permissions important for activating the event.

  • Can a virtual reality experience be completely immersive? Exist any obstacles that might get in the way?

    As if now the only hurdles that keeps VR from becoming mainstream is the high cost of equipment and limited technology advancements which is not yet as realistic as to replace reality yet.