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Are you looking for a marketing campaign with a high impact and compelling that will improve your brand experience? We are a multifaceted BTL advertising agency specializing in BTL, i.e. below-the-line advertising services.

We offer the resources, expertise, expert guidance, and assistance needed to bring your ideas to the table and into action that outperform every time. Our methodology encourages us to grow our abilities constantly, pushes us to enhance our systems and strategies, and enables us to achieve new thresholds in crafting captivating experiences that will mesmerize your audience and solidify your relationship with them.

As a BTL Marketing Agency, we firmly believe in forging a symbiotic relationship with you and your brand to complement and improve the experiences your audience comes across through various touchpoints and makes it worthwhile.

The traditional marketing strategy focuses on raising brand awareness and demand for your brand. Still, we go above and beyond and develop a framework that provides a complementary alternative means to form profound and meaningful relationships with your audience.

Below-the-line marketing needs keen attention on how to go about different channels that get well received and help build a strong brand positioning in the long run. And we deliver personalized, scalable innovative BTL activities that flourish and stay timeless. Because in the end, it is an idea that takes different forms through these diverse channels. And we can help you shape your ideas that go hand in hand with these platforms so you get the best of the best with each step.

We engineer creative solutions and deliver amazing experiences using targeted BTL promotion tactics.  We will work with you conceptually, utilizing BTL strategies and use our understanding of the ecosystem to enhance your brand, experiences, and overall journey leading your customer flawlessly and seamlessly to your brand.

As a BTL activation agency, we have a head in the clouds approach with feet firmly on the ground. We aim to transcend the horizons of what is attainable. Our shenanigans are legendary.

DART uses all "Marketing Mix" elements to strategize 360 Degree marketing. We focus on three key parameters when curating the strategy that will surely produce 'fruitful outcomes' for brands.

1. Mission - What are we planning for?

2. Idea - The creative idea on which the strategy will be built.

3. Result - The result we wanted after the execution of our strategy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will BTL marketing be in 10 years?

    Even in the decade the essence of BTL marketing will remain more or less unchanged. The technology employed will change and the personalisation may as well but it will still operate on the same fundamentals.

  • What kind of data I can gather from my customers when they visit my website to create a better experience for them?

    Observe the points on the page where the customer stops scrolling. What pop-ups or banners they engage with and how long they stay on your website.

  • How can I get more people to sign up for my email list?

    The only way to boost the number of people who subscribe to your email list is to offer them something that they won't find elsewhere. Consider what makes your brand distinct, then develop genuine, original content based on that, promote it across all touchpoints, and motivate people to subscribe.

  • Why does it matter which advertising channels I choose to advertise my business?

    Your brand has a product which caters to specific people having specific needs. You need to target the channels where you can engage the audience and your advertising needs to be done accordingly.

  • How can I use data to create more effective marketing campaigns?

    The better you know your audience. The better you will be able to decide on what factors you should focus on to drive profits. And that information is extracted through data.