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It’s (in)evitable to have challenges in a business. Be it a start-up, a medium-sized, a large scale, or a monopoly. Yes, challenges can be at any point in time. The most expensive thing, i.e. Trust, needs to build to have a successful venture for years to come. Our strategies for brands (that we’ve worked for and we’ll be working for) dictate the narrative of Trust so that the brand-consumer bond is cohesively inseparable.

Most of the time, we’ve seen that the brands don’t embrace the power they can have over the competition. Products are good; pricing is aggressive. But fails to create that bond. That’s when we enter to create an effective corporate branding strategy for a powerful identity with seamless interactions and memorable experiences.

How do we justify ourselves as a brand strategy agency?

By amalgamating our approach from ‘Lead to Loyalty’. This journey is completed best when we integrate our market-proven ‘IUT’ (Invite, Upgrade, and Transform) model. The brand positioning is done to create a mark about the brand in the customer’s psyche, which is impregnable. It goes from creating an Invite part that includes customer attraction by a different chase – The O2O (offline to online) intervention. The pillars of justification will follow the latter of this literature.

In the Upgrade part, we follow our gut of establishing the brand most innovatively. And that too with our brand marketing strategies, including O2O experiential activations, advertising techniques, BTL integrations, etc. For the Transform part, we put our workforce of expertise on implementation to accomplish the motive of customer loyalty and RP (repeat purchase).

Our Pillars of Justification –

● Competitive analysis

● Customer Experience Journey Mapping

● Go-to-market strategy (that includes brand positioning strategy)

● Concept Ideation

● Design Thinking

● Data Strategy & Reporting

And yes, all this comes with great research and audits conducted by our team. The data and insights are further used to make the ‘Improv’ part more effective.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Paradigm shifts: how do you achieve them?

    The brand is leveraged, a disciplined process is followed, and the entire brand field is utilized to create paradigm shifts. As a result, it creates brand value for the customer, uses Brand Strategy to drive budgets and businesses, and consistently emphasizes the distinctive benefits to customers. Target audience perceptions and preferences are enhanced by enhancing perceived value and importance.

  • Our brand needs to be revitalized. Do you have any suggestions as to how DART will understand our business?

    Due to our broad and diverse experience worldwide, we have been exposed to various industries. With DART, you will work side-by-side with us to outline a comprehensive plan for success based on a deep understanding of your business.

  • Our company is small; can we develop our brand expertise?

    Yes, of course. By working with you as advisors, we help you develop, build and maintain brand expertise within your organization. The framework we provide you for creating and enhancing your brand equity is based on our methodology.

  • We are getting ready to kick off our annual strategic planning retreat. Which strategies should we integrate into our brand strategy?

    All strategic decisions should revolve around the brand perception the organization wants to achieve in the future. As facilitators, we can help you accomplish your desired goals and reach a consensus about your brand's future path.

  • Are you worried about bad positioning for your business? Here's how story branding can help you.

    The brand you build immerses your customers as its main character and guides them toward the experience they are looking for. Create an image of your ideal customer with an issue that needs to be resolved. Putting your brand in the wrong place will attract customers who don't require your services or require constant modifications.