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Beauty with Brains: Creating better paradigms by Brands into retail

An Afterthought

The definition of beauty is transitioning to merge into the self-care and wellness industries, where users are expecting it to intercede as a method of improving lifestyles. The sector, set to grow by $580 billion by 2027, hasn’t stretched its innovation and opportunities entirely in developing a moment with consumers that moves beyond the conventional transactional relationship, which centered products more than the user. 

Every segment of physical retail has witnessed technological disruptions, building a cosmic influence over how people move through a space and interact with a product or overall service. When the pandemic was catastrophic enough to shut traditional mortar stores down to their last sale, beauty had its illumination come through eCommerce platforms. 

But things are back in order now, and people, especially GenZ, would like to be part of something big before they embrace and let it enter into their lifestyle. It’s time for beauty store layout design to turn inspirational. But before, it needs to learn through a prism of ideas that could fit nicely inside a store space that describes a beauty brand authentically and leaves an exact similar impression over the consumers it wishes to engage with.

Beauty with Brains: Creating better paradigms by Brands within retail

Beauty is now analogous to premiumization as much as it is to wellness. Besides, it is one of those retail segments where the user likes a tactile experience with better guidance into what works best per their requirement. And because of such intricacies, beauty gets the upper hand in educating itself and experimenting with developing areas inside stores where each section/division is a discovery into something extraordinary. 

It is about offering consumers a brand engagement where they wonder about missing out on this opportunity if they continue pursuing products through the e-commerce marketplace. According to WGSN’s forecast into the changing dimensions inside physical retail for beauty brands, the industry is still the most recession-resilient to explore the creative sides of reaching their different consumer groups and building a community-led experience for them. Here is how brands can change the framework of their typical business model for their beauty store to thrive in a positive light:

The Experience of Beauty Salon

The Experience of Beauty Salon

When beauty is about self-care, it has to offer IRL experiences associated with beauty therapy and salons introduced inside the stores. Brands are now moving on to satiate consumers' demand for professional beauty treatments right where they shop. This is an excellent way of enhancing brand rapport with its target audience, who would want to experience a newly-emerged brand’s products before making the final transaction. A great use case is demonstrated by a French haircare brand, Flora, which launched a hair spa inside the  La Samaritaine, a Paris departmental store offering varied treatments for bespoke consumers.

The Slow Down Moment

The Slow Down Moment

In an era of seamless commerce, there are consumer groups that seek slower and more humanistic experiences concerning beauty. That’s why brands are now moving towards creating more healing and fulfilling spaces that introduce and deeply imbibe the feeling of wellness inside the consumers, which is intricately merged with beauty. 

A great space design agency intervenes here by helping brands translate the spatial aura with rich hues and a soothing environment and implementing better quality materials into making space for users who want to explore the space and catch up on the self-care trends.

The On-the-Go beauty

The On-the-Go Beauty

Speed doesn’t just come with deliveries, but also the experience beyond purchase. Beauty brands are now appeasing shoppers with services that make buying, exploring, and experiencing the brand more quickly and streamlined. 

 It's time to make the customer stay and linger inside the store. It’s the beginning of a community-led experience inside a retail outlet where the consumers find like-minded individuals to interact with more than just products. 

This engagement could encourage loyalty through the culture a brand introduces to its consumers and build an awareness that benefits sales. Beauty brands can act this by blending the physical and digital worlds inside the store, offering consumers a glimpse into the trends while offering the convenience of technology through the Just-Walk-Out purchasing format.

The Sensorial Stimulation

store layout design

Sensory experience is the new reality of in-store purchasing, especially concerning beauty brands. Since it is a highly tactile segment, brands are leaning toward hyper-physical features that promise consumers a visceral in-person journey inside the store where each sound, smell, visual and feel takes them closer to the brand’s story. 

Fragrance is quite a big part of beauty shopping, and wellness becomes an integrated phenomenon where therapy gets zapped right into it. All the interior design elements become part of creating sensory stimulation and building a transformation experience for the buyer inside the store.

The Afterthought!

People do not just want brands to invest in playful and experiential spaces but also advocate for something that matters to the younger buyers. It is how brand values would clearly be defined to the visitors, making them more aware of the business and considering the secondary factor, which is the primary reason to visit a beauty store— Products. Technology, people & products would all have to synchronize their roles to make beauty a thriving and disruptive segment attracting top-list investors, financers, and other stakeholders.


How is the beauty industry merging with the wellness & self-care factors?

Since the onset of the pandemic, people have seen anything associated with their mind and body as a part of their well-being. Since beauty is now more than just buying fancy cosmetics, it is blending in to reflect itself as a source of improving lifestyle. It is a response to consumer’s expectations for holistic wellness.

What is On-the-Go beauty in beauty physical retail?

On-the-go beauty refers to a feature in retail stores where consumers can identify trends associated with beauty and help them discover those inside the store that best suit their needs. It is how community-led experiences are also fostered by blending in physical and digital worlds.

How do brand values play a role in shifting the paradigm for beauty retail?

Buyers look for an experiential service and a brand’s advocacy toward causes that matter. Aligning brand value with consumer expectation equals creating a space that holds onto people’s engagement and builds a lasting impact over time.

What does the future of beauty physical retail hold?

The future of retail is all about ‘Try as you go,’ where consumers would have the liberty to digitally identify what works best for their skincare, haircare, or other beauty needs while being physically inside the store. Furthermore, technological advancement would take wellness to a different level inside the spectrum of beauty.

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