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“In the late 60s a skateboarding company was established with a purpose of bringing a change and making a mark in the skateboard community. The company was started by a bunch of friends who had a passion for skateboarding. “The community is growing as we speak, it’s the new way of living. What could go wrong with the idea?” They worked on their catalog for a while and made products they loved and believed were better for skaters around them.”

The brand had a time becoming prominent in the community until they realized what was wrong. They spent all the resources making sure the product was good and did not look at the retail side.

It was at that point 5 years in the business with barely making enough money to cover up the expenses they decided now it’s time for creative design thinking. They engaged with skaters around them to understand what it is that people look for in a skateboard company and architecture is a subjective ever-changing form of art.

They hired a space design agency for this which made a lot of changes to the brand advertisement wise as well as in store design and made it consumer centric. Within a couple of months their sales skyrocketed and now after many decades the company is still one of the leading brands all over the world.

Most brands nowadays take creative design as one of the most vital part of making a brand as telling a story to the consumer and having a good communication can help move audience towards your brand. Brands give a lot of focus on being creative and putting out the best version of the vision of the brand for the people to see so that they can build a great impression towards an average consumer. Many brands have started have started their own events which are full of highly produced movies that resonate with the brand or product. It is a fact that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than processing text, and significant percentage of our communication is visual. And making big budget movies/ videos for a brand or product is proving out to be one of the best ways for garnering audience and retention from those eyes.

Space design agencies help brands to stay on top with getting the attractions right to impress the audience with a welcoming atmosphere and giving it a charm that suits the vision of the brand, for example the skateboard company made their stores look punk and rebellious which heavily attracted their audience. A space design agency mainly focuses on making the in-store shopping and the customer’s experience as satisfactory and memorable as possible while keeping it efficient and classy for all kinds of customers, making it digestible for every customer. Different retails require different kinds of designed space, for example a furniture retail if going to be different from a mobile phone retail, one requiring rustic or comfortable branding and design in the store and one requiring technically appealing modern designing respectfully. This is the role of a retail space design agency. To give the story on point interior vibe to match brands vision, story, and image and identity at the same time communicating well with the customer and making their experience interactive, satisfactory and making them want to come back to the store, dealing with layout of the floors as well as the walls, color schemes, art, lights placement of the products, shelving and so on.

Hiring an agency is becoming more and more common as consumer satisfaction competition is growing, brands indoor and online are becoming consumer centric and consumer friendly. These agencies are also growing in terms of making well out of the given space and growing the business as a whole, giving more options for layouts such as grid layout, for example in a super market or the free flow layout used in a clothing shop. They offer scenic interior design that allow the customer to relate more with the environment of the store. Giving a shop well thought design and layout can help with strategize the branding for more customer interaction and making the shop a better functional and skilled space. These agencies are helping brands achieve exceeding expectations of the consumers with an amazing indoor experience.

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