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In an era of hyper-global interconnectivity, there are startups with great ideas. However, still, they are drowning since they weren’t offered a hibernation period guiding them to the trajectory of sustenance & growth simultaneously. Dart Design Inc appears in the frame to join hands with these startups and add the missing piece in the puzzle and promote the concept of #growtogether.

Every great startup is heavily funded on the premise that they are plausible; this puts them in a unique situation—the ability to access capital through funding and the need to guarantee a viable income. And that’s where a startup has to think about brand visibility, market penetration, brand building, and ultimately, sales.

They are the cornerstones of staying relevant and in the game for a long time. That’s where consulting agencies or experts intervene with the right mix of package or deal to see through the vision of a potential startup idea. Partnering with a large agency may seem to be an exorbitant expense since Capex and Opex tend to become deal breaker.

But with Dart Design Inc, the collaboration is to cultivate a relationship more from the standpoint of mutual benefit because even if the package is the right mix of services, empathizing around the vision and assessing the challenge that could become the roadblock to future brand growth is crucial. 

When collaborating with startups, we work with a unique approach offering them a short window of hibernation. We do not charge startups during this phase to preserve the essence of our relationship as we go ahead. We are diligent with our screening to determine the plausibility of a startup’s idea and whether or not our amalgamation would be the right fit for a win-win outcome.

Dart Design Inc operates strictly on the principle that we groom a venture into a unicorn of tomorrow and grow simultaneously. We are invested in your growing sales since we have a stake in them. Hence, we earn together. It’s the singularity of developing a relationship where we think like you and walk beside you as partners. While we are on this journey, we leverage our presence in multi-national markets to expand your global visibility- truly justifying our definition of Startup Consulting Firms as enablers rather than experts.

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