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● Boosting credence at brick & mortar

Putting in retail rites in your brick & mortar brings a more structured approach. Introducing a sense of composure and repose to the high street. For the world inclusive of brick & mortar retail, it adds value through inculcating retail rites as it becomes a place of healing for re-adjustments.

● A mix of needs, wants, and desires for experience

Blame it on convenience and out of necessity that the preference of a large segment of consumers is not shopping at brick & mortar, it’s contradictory when it comes to the experience it offers. Encompassing experiential retail in virtue of competitors, brands are having high hopes in brick & mortar stores as they continue to update those lines with the latest consumer trends.

● Culture feed – Online to Offline

In the phygital space we live in, retail rites are amalgamating technology and store-based experiences with digital desires for tech-amiable consumers. Moreover, many brands state their brick & mortar stores as content creation platforms to get into the social lives of their consumers, the part of the rite

● Ownership over Access

As per savvy, 73% of Gen Z and millennials put experiences over products. It lays down a conclusion for ownership over access. To create a rich retail experience, brands and retailers are increasing their efforts to narrate the experience in the most immersive manner that ends up in product/service purchases through various touchpoints.

● Brand, “I got a story to tell”

Stories imbibe and evoke emotions. And when these stories involve the human factor, relevance is created. Brands and retailers get themselves evolved every time they have a “story to tell”. Can it be from space designing, digital campaigns, or offline activations. The message for the consumer needs to be more engaging than before. Brands need to be critical while they create a story on four W’s for their ‘whom’. The retail rites – journey to purchase is holistic and supportive to the brand and allows it to reveal more at each rite step the consumer follows, facilitated by touchpoints.

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