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Ever felt the desire to open your door by commanding it directly? The power of command. It’s vicious. It’s addictive. It’s persuasive. Or, ever realized the need to drive your car without even sitting in the driver’s seat? It may be possible today. But twenty years ago, the layman would be far from thinking the innovation turned reality.

What a designer does at the micro level directly impacts the perception at the macro level. Let me explain it, the perception created by a designer in a ‘Design for a Brand’ will image it in an elegant manner in the mind of its consumer. The micro-pixelated macro-developed perception leverages society to embrace the god-like inventions developed by a human with shout-outs given as a designer, innovator, and creator.

Per se, the creative flow has no geographical and demographical boundaries. There’s no racism, casteism, creed differentiation, etc., while flowing creatively in an ocean full of opportunities. The dive becomes more profound when the need for creative toss-off surges. It takes time, effort, and diligence to make something that is not within the scope of human brain dimensions.

In a creative design studio, what a creator does is about creating an impact on the outside world. What spooks it? How the vision from a visionary flight off the dome breaks the monotony in clusters.

Navigating the times through a scope of experiences:

What was in the past? A traditional approach to make things look better. Yes, the time was of the industrial revolution when the term “design” got coined. Toffler’s second wave, as described in his book – The Third Wave.

The first wave he mentioned was agricultural. That was when the agricultural boom was witnessed by ‘then’ developing nations.

What’s in the store today? The bubble age we live in has opportunities from technology to its advancements to its rollouts. When we made ourselves ‘LEARNT’, we started making our machines to learn. Deep learn. And thanks, most enormous thanks go to the man – Alan Turing, who posed a question to the world – “Sometimes it is people no one can imagine anything of, who do the things no one can imagine?”

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