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The design has always had a stimulating influence over humans in whichever form it existed. Everything defines how the world is moving ahead, from unique products to everyday objects, with a more profound intervention of creativity. But it hits differently when we speak of spaces that humankind inhibits.

The structure of residential or commercial space has come to give meaning to people’s thoughts, choices, and, more importantly, their preference to adapt to a particular surrounding for several decades to come. 2022 was the year of reflection, where people became vigilant of their actions in shrinking the world’s resources and the final tipping point of the ecosystem’s last countdown.

It eventually brought forth an incessant demand from them towards larger organizations to own up to their actions of overutilizing natural resources and think beyond the usual, destructive business practices. Amidst all the black swan events popping up one after the other, the design industry stands on the frontline, shouldering the responsibility of creating interior environment designs that aren’t just sustainably wise but functionally better too.

Whether it is the interior of the homes, the workplace, or the community malls where people love to shop, everything counts to satiate people’s awakened interest in more straightforward but more innovative designs. That’s what WGSN delineates as ‘Design-Wise.’ We have walked through quite a long span in the industry to witness how designs are impactful in society and its beliefs, and this epoch highlights humankind furthering into democratic and minimal designs that define class and longevity too.

So here are a few trends that are here to stay and transition the interior environments, making the world a more habitable & objective place to live.

Confident Colors to blow life in Spatial Designs

Colors can reach people and make them pay attention to the details. This is how experts have defined the theory behind color psychology. It’s the vibrancy of these shades that blow life to a bland space and disseminate different narratives that lay bare. Confident colors would be one significant trend that began in 2022 and is here to stay as consumers want more of it inside their homes or stores. Bold but subtle colors like calming pastels and wood interiors with distinct colors would highly impact. The trend also points to playing with colors and amalgamating new and old to transform a space with minimal intervention.

Versatile & Clever Layouts

The idea behind the intelligent design comes from crafting clever spaces that redefine the meaning of utilizing space for one purpose. Consumers expect the same from the spaces with multi-purpose products and commodities. Flexible spaces are essential, especially for hospitality brands, where optimal space utilization could lead to better customer experience and revenue. Whether the workplace environment design or commercial buildings, multifunctionality is appreciated.

Demand for purposeful function & Longevity

The universal context of function and form fits right into the modern consumer’s mindset as they are prone to asking for purposeful, simple, and long-lasting designs. Longevity and minimalism would be superior aspects for which consumers would be ready to pay a higher price. A good design in the consumer’s context would be something that would encompass the 3 Rs— Replace, Remove & Repair. As innovative the designs of spaces and the products placed in them, their purposefulness and handiness would be observed and appreciated.

Simple Materials make high-end aesthetics

From linear aluminum to cork and plywood, essential raw materials are now turning spaces aesthetic as part of a frugal interior concept. As the Cost Of Living becomes a significant crisis for people, they are moving back to simpler, everyday materials. These could have a refined effect on the creation of walls and other elements that wouldn’t impact the classic feel and would eventually be less harsh on the pockets. Design studios and retailers would elevate the perception of primary raw materials as part of this new trend.

Fusing the Digital Aesthetics into Craftmanship

The world is turning digital, and so are the designs which will impact how the aesthetic details inside space would be created through 3D tools. Data Visualization would be crucial in choosing the design’s colors and patterns. That’s how digital surrealism is also becoming a thing, as in a period of polycrisis, absurd craftsmanship would continue to exist. Among a series of design trends fabricating more natural, purposeful, and distinct environments in space, these five stand apart and stick around for brands to find relevance in the market and keep consumers engaged.

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