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Let’s jot down some of the questions that are the reality for some brands in the competitive space.

 Is your brand engaging enough with its audience?

 Does it hit hard when your brand faces a communication gap?

 Does your brand strive to put the ‘word out’ to earn media?

These questions along with many others are relevant when your brand misses the key growth driver and that’s – Content.

Be it of any kind – blogs, vlogs, videos, articles, newsletters, interactives, podcasts, whitepapers, etc. it has the potential to impact the audience in a brand way. Most fraternities of digital marketer’s hail content as the KING in this digital world where everyone is connected through the internet (regardless of boundaries) in each step of their daily life. So, the consumption of content they have is a good number of hours. With brands being archaic and formulaic with their outcomes (in terms of profits), they try to capture every possible phygital touchpoint of their consumer through various digital marketing practices. To put an umbrella on, content marketing enters the ring to create peace in the heated, cluttered, and competitive marketplace.

The Ecosystem

Here we relate to the digital ecosystem of the brand where it immerses the consumer. The brand’s world is where the consumer is immersed in various touchpoints through content literature. It binds you when you are surrounded by a content ecosystem built by the brand.

But, why does your brand need a content ecosystem?

 Increasing Exposure

When a brand creates different types of content, it gives you more opportunities from a range of channels to connect with customers. We are witnessing the rise of AR, VR, and AI in social media platforms to create rich visual and interactive media.

 Winning the Convenience

From a study, it is witnessed that most of the purchases by the buyers are abandoned due to inconvenience in consuming content also. Like, it’s convenient to listen to a podcast within a length of the morning routine. Accessible PDFs on mobile phones are more convenient, etc.…

 Moment of Relevance

Per se, a purchase can be a click away or will require hours of research for hundreds of decisions (micro ones). Each step and different needs might be required between platforms for information. For a successful marketing strategy, certain types of content suit better to certain needs/platforms.

Content Marketing Funnel

The funnel encompasses the Journey of Conversion (JOC) through which a potential customer goes while considering a product/service. Content is supportive in different stages of this journey and good content helps to push your brand closer to deal closures.

Commemorating the content marketing funnel through four stages A.E.C.D (Awareness, Evaluation, Conversion, and Delight). Each stage has a specific role in the complete JOC.

Let’s get into detail with the funnel A.E.C.D –

1. Awareness

The first step that makes your brand’s potential customers enter the content marketing funnel. Assume that they are not aware of your company. We mark it as TOFU (Top of the Funnel). Educate them in this funnel.

Types of content –

 Blog posts

 Social media posts




Try either of them or all of them.

2. Evaluation

It’s the MOFU (Middle of the Funnel) when the potential customer requires your brand’s a product/service. It’s an attempt to build the past, build the relationship on the stage.

Types of contents used –

 Case studies

 White Papers



Are customers interacting with your brand in the MOFU or not? If not, find ways out.

3. Conversion

It’s the confidence that drives the purchase. Give the best RTBs (Reason to Buy) to your customers to ‘WHY SHOULD THEY BUY YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE’.

The funnel is on the level to generate the conversional interest in your customers for your products/services. BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) is the RTB that we are talking about. The BOFU content is aided by comparative studies and provides a clearer picture to ‘WHY SHOULD THEY BUY YOUR PRODUCT/SERVICE’.

Types of contents used –


 Happy Customer Stories

 Comparison Sheets

An introductory trial can give customers the taste that will ultimately lead to the purchase.

4. Delight

The factor of delight plays an important role to keep the customers engaged. Getting valuable feedback on your posted deliverables is the best thing to improve and beat your competition.

In the end, content marketing critically induced with SEO strategy services make wonders and desirable results turned to profit for a business.

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