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No marketer would have thought about the surge, rush, and tussle we are witnessing in purchase of tech devices of our daily use, and that too 20 years ago. But yes, we are getting delighted supply-demand ratios, and brands are loving it. Similarly, brands are now targeting to acquire their new segment of customers that are more technologically advanced and exposed to new trends. To say in the current scenario, marketing is not about products or services alone, but about the value proposition it covers with the product or service.”

Let’s talk about race. Race that drives states, race that raises stakes, and yes I’m talking about the competition (while referring race) that is backed by great marketing strategies to turn the space into business wars. The different part is that the war cries are loud enough to capture the media’s interest. Sometimes it’s confusing, should I infuse an active voice while stating my passive narrative? But when it comes to ‘I got a story to tell’ from a brand’s perspective, the passive nature of the narrative has to be on higher scopes.

What we witness in these situations is that the consumer shift is more inevitable than coping with arguments in a bad marriage. Acquiring newly segmented customers, what does a brand need? A fusion of leaders that are technologically strong with a futuristic vision are capable of netting the next generation. When you know your team well, we can conclude that race is the future of the business.

The right talent will acquire the right customer. Teaming the talent pool efficiently across the organization will bake the present and future of the business. While reaching out and better knowing everyone might be simple for small teams, large organizations can also implement mechanisms to gain a deeper understanding of the teams they lead. Getting to know people from the beginning is a good habit, so keep it going as you grow. It could be difficult for a leader leading a billion-dollar company to leverage individual skills during its growth if he doesn’t get to know his team.

Hiring the first digital native generation – Gen Z can solve many bulging problems. Culture matters to them, though the influence of technology is heavy on them they possess the courage to stand on something they believe. The exposure they have at an early age is par that exposure that boomers II or millennials have at that age. So, it’s a long road to understanding on earning that trust and respect.

This technology-influenced generation is rock steady that they are here to create an impact. But with proper mentoring and guidance, they will stick for a longer period in a space of professional opportunities.

It’s been a long time now since we have moved from traditional marketing strategies to value-proposed customer-centric strategies. The chase is different and change is mutual to rip benefits by providing satisfaction. Non-coping behavior lurks behind the failed one but your brand will be on cloud nine when you’re in the zone of changed ones.

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