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“Can we imagine our life without the Internet, sounds silly, but why? Is the Internet that important – yes, it is generally acknowledged that the Internet assumes an undeniably higher part in every one of our lives? Whether we allude to our particular employment or business, whether it’s about data, correspondence, and unwinding, all are connected with this technological advancement. It’s a particularly immense, complex but lenient environment, that excites interest of large numbers of us. Now one thing comes to mind are we making the best use of the internet?”

An e-commerce-based company doing great in the market but wanted to grow immensely at the global level, at the beginning of their journey, they did a great kind of brand awareness using various above-the-line marketing methods but they are lacking somewhere when it comes to making their brand get recognized across the globe. People know very well about their brand.  But now they have to do something so that their loyalty increases with their customer. After a brainstorming session, they conclude they can use the Internet more efficiently. Now their target is to build customer brand relationships by having one on one point of contact, now to meet their long-term target to manage their business across different regions of the world by doing global brand marketing. First, they have to reach the peak level in their parent market and for that below-the-line marketing can be the best way.

It’s a smaller and highly targeted world of Ads that aims at individuals with easy track return on investment with a definite audience, so an internet-based BTL strategy that can be used are direct marketing using social media and, some customer Loyalty programs, doing a direct mailing, use of SEM, etc.

Below-the-line marketing is easy to track and promises an impressive return on investment, it’s easier to keep an eye on budget, also provide a vast opportunity to go viral, and last but not please it ensures excellent value for money by focusing on Particularly targeted market.

Now For making their brand globally recognized they did global brand marketing and every business needs to understand this concept to reach across the globe.

Furthermore, these marketing strategies make it simpler to follow transformations with expected buyers. A valid example: however, there are various methodologies for following the viability of TV and radio ads, and checking generally impact is hard as in case of ATL marketing strategies. Getting some information about an organization, for instance, can yield problematic reactions since individuals at sometimes review their experience inappropriately. while, email and search engine marketing definitively track the links consumers click, to give organizations exact details. This encourages prevalent customer commitment, which is important in the present modern business world. While above-the-line strategies are great for spreading general brand awareness, direct marketing tactics are ideal for cultivating more significant relationships with potential customers.

But as everyone knows superior path is full of hurdles, again here understanding cross cultures can be a big issue. Defining a brand is not an easy task And in today’s competitive era, easy huh? not at all!

To brand internationally it is important to recognize and separate products or services reliably across changing cultural, etymological and geographic business sectors. This consistency applies not exclusively to the name and visual personality or packaging plan, but additionally to correspondence strategies or projects.

While doing international branding, organizations have to face majorly four challenges- breaking through cultural barriers, technology adoption, disparate teams and legal obstacles. And for this Brand strategy is significant as it impacts individuals’ impression of a brand so that they are convinced to act in a specific way. Also, that most brand strategies plan to convince individuals to buy, use, and give again by offering them the use insight. As branding is regularly an action that is embraced in a cutthroat climate, the point is likewise to convince individuals to prefer the brand to contest. A global brand needs to give important significance and experience to individuals across numerous social orders. To do as such, the brand strategy should be concocted that assesses the brand’s own abilities and capabilities, the strategies of contending brands, and the viewpoint of purchasers which has been generally framed by encounters in their separate social orders. There are four expansive brand strategy regions that can be utilized.

First is brand domain strategy, another is brand reputation strategy then it comes to brand affinity strategy and the last one is brand recognition strategy.

After all such efforts below the line marketing strategy can be the best way to do Global brand marketing. Creating a brand image that is consistent in markets all over the world is not an easy task but has very fast benefit it increases customer awareness reduce marketing cost, saves on production cost, and much more, and for that, the best strategy can be direct marketing, this can be the right path for a business to expand globally if done correctly with proper planning.

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